Leverage the combined strength of your community and our panel expertise

A private research panel is a dedicated group of people who provide feedback, opinions, and advice to an organization. Panel research enables your company to:

  • Develop a Business Intelligence culture across your company so the voice of the customer is woven into the corporate DNA
  • Act quickly and proactively to be a leader in your market
  • Develop affinity for your brand
  • Create peer-to-peer networking tools
  • Achieve higher response rates and more reliable research
  • Access to your panel at a moment’s notice
  • Develop deeper insights through attitudinal and behavioral profiles
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Do more research with less budget
  • Let your customers know you care

Opt-In is a full panel management solution that provides a fully integrated end-to-end technology and research combination, allowing you to:

  • Obtain fast and reliable results on pertinent business intelligence topics such as industry issues, competition, reaction to new concepts, etc.
  • Cost-effectively gain insights throughout the year
  • Say “yes” to research requests, without incurring additional charges for sample, per complete, or outside supplier fees
  • Target surveys to specific segments to minimize disqualifications
  • Value respondents’ time by eliminating the need to re-ask profile questions
  • Track longitudinal results
  • Sell valuable market research to customers through access to research panel audience


A private research panel consisting of a dedicated group of people who provide feedback, opinions, and advice to an organization. Learn more

Quantitative Research

Conclusive in its purpose, quantitative research provides projectable results to a larger population. Data is collected through online surveys and analyzed for statistical significance.

Qualitative Research

Interactions using online focus groups, discussion forums, feedback gathering and one-on-one interviews allows you to gain real-time qualitative insight. You can understand how your target audience feels and what they think. It is effective in providing a “deep dive” on a specific topic.

Hybrid Methodology

Mixing and matching methodologies can help you to better achieve your research objectives and lead to more insightful decisions. Qualitative input can complement quantitative analysis and provide texture and nuance to your findings.

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