Meet the team

Ann MacKay

Ann MacKay, Managing Partner

1994– Present

As founder of Research Concepts, Ann is responsible for building and overseeing the company’s business development, client services and day-to-day operations. She has worked on both the end user and supplier side of the research business, giving her an extensive background in on-line surveys, panel functionality, management, data analysis, reporting and promoting best practices. Prior to founding Research Concepts in 1993, Ann was Director of Research at Network World, Inc., an IDG company where she was responsible for all of the advertising, editorial and custom research projects. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Julie Willis

Julie Willis, Managing Partner, Marketing Technologist

2004 – Present

Research Concepts, LLC provides full-service market research services to our clients in the healthcare and retail markets. Julie has an extensive background in online research methodologies, custom panel design, implementation and management, data processing, analysis and reporting. Prior to joining Research Concepts, Julie was Director, Special Projects, in the Institutional Company at Allmerica Financial and a Manager in the Financial Services sector at Andersen Consulting. Julie graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Management Engineering from WPI.

Learn about Opt In

Opt-In is Research Concept’s turn-key custom panel solution, combining top-notch panel technology infrastructure with full-service panel management. We have been at the forefront of private panel implementation since our launch of the first IDG panel, the Network World Technology Opinion Panel in 2005.

Research Concepts handles all aspects of projects internally, including components like questionnaire design, programming, deployment, data processing, analyses and final deliverables. Our ability to keep the entire research project in-house translates to fast turnaround and cost-effective, high-quality deliverables. Read more


A private research panel consisting of a dedicated group of people who provide feedback, opinions, and advice to an organization. Learn more

Quantitative Research

Conclusive in its purpose, quantitative research provides projectable results to a larger population. Data is collected through online surveys and analyzed for statistical significance.

Qualitative Research

Interactions using online focus groups, discussion forums, feedback gathering and one-on-one interviews allows you to gain real-time qualitative insight. You can understand how your target audience feels and what they think. It is effective in providing a “deep dive” on a specific topic.

Hybrid Methodology

Mixing and matching methodologies can help you to better achieve your research objectives and lead to more insightful decisions. Qualitative input can complement quantitative analysis and provide texture and nuance to your findings.

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